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TVEL informs its contribution in the implementation of the global sustainable development initiative

02.06.2017, 17:47


On June 1, 2017, the annual non-financial report of JSC TVEL was prepared according to the international GRI methodology and posted on the server «the Center of corporate information disclosure» of the «Interfax» Group of Companies.
The joint-stock company TVEL informed that in 2016 all target production indicators, which were used to evaluate the performance of the Fuel Company Rosatom TVEL, were fulfilled in full and with proper quality.
Adjusted free cash flow amounted to 83.9 billion rubles. Revenue from sales of products was 180.1 billion rubles. EBITDA was 77.4 billion rubles. Net profit was 46.2 billion rubles. Export revenue was $ 1.4 billion rubles. The portfolio of export orders for products and services of the initial stage of the nuclear fuel cycle for 10 years was fixed at $ 10.1 billion rubles.
In the reporting year compared to the previous year there was change in the volume of revenues (-4.7%), gross and net profits, EBITDA. It was caused by objective and predictable reasons: annual fluctuations in the volumes of fuel supplies at nuclear power plants, the continuing decreasing tendency of world prices for nuclear materials and components , as well as the influence of uncontrolled factors, in particular, the growth of negative exchange rate differences.

The largest share 94.5% in the export revenue of Fuel Company TVEL was the sale of nuclear fuel and its components. The structure of the revenue from the sale of nuclear did not not change significantly by geographic features, the main consumers were Russian nuclear power plants and nuclear power plants in Europe. The share in the revenue structure of consumers from Asian countries continued to grow.
Production and sale of fuel assemblies for fuel and research reactors were still the main activities of Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL. In 2016, the plan for manufacturing nuclear fuel was made in full, it was produced more than 7 thousand fuel assemblies for different types of reactors.
The competition increases in the market for the initial stage of the nuclear fuel cycle. TVEL improves the technical and economic characteristics of the fuel and makes the company's products for different types of reactors attractive to customers. In 2016, TVEL invested more than one billion rubles in R & D. Among the main themes of R & D are development and improvement of nuclear fuel and active zones of power reactors (primarily VVER-1000/1200/1300).
Russian experts try to increase the burnout depth of the discharged fuel, improve service life of fuel assemblies and the operational reliability of nuclear fuel, conduct a substantiation of efficiency of fuel assembles in high power reactors. Other areas of research and development include the creation of new types of gas centrifuges, the optimization of the fuel assembly for western-type reactors, the development of nuclear fuel for low-power nuclear power plants, the construction of the floating power unit for research reactors and new active zones for the universal nuclear icebreaker.
In its annual report for 2016 JSC TVEL informs that the strategy of the Fuel Company of Rosatom TVEL is aimed at increasing the market share of enrichment services by 2030 to 42%, the fabrication of nuclear fuel up to 22% due to the production of traditional products with high consumer properties, as well as access to new nuclear markets. The company intends to achieve growth under comparable conditions in 2014: revenue in 2 times, revenue from non-nuclear sectors in more than 10 times, labor productivity in 3 times. You can get acquainted with the full text of the annual non-financial report of JSC TVEL for 2016 at: http://www.e-disclosure.ru/portal/event.aspx?EventId=p-Cu1eOrGAU2FMH6oXs9vlA-B-B