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Fuel Company TVEL at ATOMEXPO 2017

17.06.2017, 14:25

The Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL participates in the IX International Forum ATOMEXPO 2017 (Moscow, Gostiny Dvor) as a joint delegation of the management company and subsidiaries (JSC TVEL, JSC CMP, JSC VNIINM, JSC UECC, PJSC MSZ, JSC SCC, PJSC NCCP, SPA Centrotex LLC, JSC PA ECP) at a single exhibition booth.
The display (Booth С40) shows a broad range of more than 100 products made as large-scale make-ups, reduced copies and full-size specimens for nuclear and general industry usage developed and produced by the Fuel Company TVEL’s enterprises.
Specialists and visitors’ interest will be drawn by make-ups of innovative nuclear fuel TVS-KVADRAT for PWRs of western design, improved design of TVSA-12PLUS for VVER-1000s, 3D model of a gas centrifuge machine which shows the gas separation process into fractions, a holographic table which transmit 3D images of uranium enrichment and fuel assembly fabrication processes as well as an interactive version of Process Flow Diagram and Process Instrumentation Diagram of import phase-out pigmental titanium dioxide production which is the first in Russia.
At the Forum TVEL will familiarize partners, experts and everyone interested with the nuclear technology case ‘TVS-KVADRAT: ROSATOM’s Innovative Offer for PWR Power Reactors’ implemented at an international level. It is about technological and economic advantages of TVS-KVADRAT which is the nuclear fuel for reactors of western design (17x17 fuel assembly usable in 3- and 4-loop reactors).
The presentation of exclusive offers of general industry products will light up the Fuel Company TVEL’s achievements in key areas such as ‘New Energy’, ‘Machine Engineering’, ‘Metallurgy’ and ‘Chemistry’.
At the International Eco-dialogue “Ecological Responsibility: A New Strategic Initiative of Fuel Company TVEL” the Russian and foreign partners will be told about TVEL’s experience in decommissioning of radiation-hazardous facilities. The fuel division is the pioneer in elimination of nuclear legacy. Part of technological breakthroughs can be referred to activities of JSC TVEL’s companies in nuclear, radiation and environmental safety.
At the Forum (on June 20 at 14.30 in Press Center of ATOMEXPO 2017) Senior Vice President for Commerce and International Business of JSC TVEL Oleg Grigoriev will inform mass media representatives on the international and commercial activity of the company and prospects of nuclear fuel and components promotion to the world market.
At the convention on the 65th anniversary of the domestic gas centrifuge technology (celebrated on July 8, 2017) JSC TVEL’s specialists and representatives of working families of the gas centrifuge complex of TVEL will speak on milestones of the unique technology history. Until now, the gas centrifuge technology remains most efficient and promising. Due to this remarkable event JSC TVEL has implemented a historical and memorial program which is going to be announced at ATOMEXPO 2017.
The meeting of the TVEL’s Chemical Club “The Element of The Future” (the third since the foundation in February 2017) will be dedicated to commercialization of chemical elements involved in the processes which are marketable products or their parts. General Director of JSC CMP and First Head of Sectoral Metallurgy Center Denis Anishuk will attend the Chemical Club meeting.
The youth program of the Forum will host the 2nd Interregional Stage of the Competition of Children and Youth Science, Technology and Design Creativity “Schoolyard Technoparks” created with the support of the Fuel Company TVEL in its host cities, i.e. the ‘closed’ cities of Seversk, Zelenogorsk, Novouralsk and Glazov.
At the TVEL’s booth visitors will have a look at design and engineering developmnents of students from phisics and mathematics vocational schools which will be expert-judged on June 19. Winners in nominations “Robotics”, “Computer Modeling” and projects “Clean City – Safe World” will be awarded with honorable diploma and commemorative prizes.
The regular meeting of the Coordinationg Council of Phisics and Mathematics Vocational Schools of Host Cities of the Fuel Company TVEL will discuss proposals on remote expert review of design and engineering developments of students, creation of co-working centers at shoolyard technoparks, and the participation standard for schoolyard technoparks in the supplementary secondary education.
We invite all interested to visit TVEL’s booth during ATOMEXPO 2017 opening days on June 19-21, 2017.