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Siberian Chemical Combine received facilities for creation of non-waste production of nuclear fuel

29.06.2017, 10:30

Siberian Chemical Combine (SKhK) JSC (belongs within Rosatom’s company TVEL JSC) received facilities for recycling area of defective fuel pellets of nuclear fuel fabrication/refabrication module (MFR) which is created in the frame of pilot demonstration power supply package (ODEK) of Proriv (Breakthrough) Project.
The acceptance commission consisted of ODEK directorship experts from SKhK JSC, Sverdniikhimmash JSC and Amk Uekhk LLC stated that supercomplex innovative facilities were transported successfully. Experts also examined the correspondence of completing units of facilities and completeness of construction documentation to the challenge of certification.
Defective fuel pellets recycling area forms a part of fabrication line of mixed nitride uranium-plutonium fuel pellets (MNUP) which are produced in the frame of Proriv Project.
ODEK chief process engineer of engineering-technological service that produces consolidated fuel Alexey Petrov appraised facilities: “The standards of fuel pellets are extremely high. That is why this area will help to produce nuclear fuel little to no wastes recycling defective products.”
Building of the recycling area of defective fuel pellets of MFR is planned for the latter half of 2018.