Kovrov Mechanical Plant (PJSC KMZ, Kovrov, Vladimir Region)

The company produces in series gas centrifuge machines for conversion and enrichment capacities of Fuel Company TVEL. At the present time, PJSC KMZ manufactures gas centrifuges of the 9th generation – high efficiency equipment for separation of uranium isotopes.

Vladimir Production Association “Tochmash” (JSC ‘VPA “Tochmash”’, Vladimir)

The company manufactures complete parts for gas centrifuges, products for storage facilities of spent nuclear fuel, as well as general industrial items. At the present time, JSC ‘VPA “Tochmash”’ production development is aimed at mastering new types of modern products of high precision instrument and machine engineering.

Science and Production Association “Centrotech” (RME Centrotech, CATF Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region)

The company was founded in 2016 basing on Urals Gas Centrifuges Plant Ltd. through the merger of Novouralsk Scientific and Engineering Center Ltd., Electrochemical Converters Plant Ltd., Uralpribor Ltd., JSC OKB-Nizhniy Novgorod and JSC “Centrotech-SPb”. The science and production association was set up to support full lifecycle of a product from marketing until disposal. Thus, the integrated production and engineering complex in the field of development and creation of gas centrifuges for Russian uranium enrichment, as well as for production of non-nuclear products, has been created in Novouralsk.

RME “Centrotech” produces a wide range of promising products: from 3D printers to electricity accumulators.