A. A. Bochvar High-Technology Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (JSC VNIINM, Moscow)

It is one of the leading research institutes which deal with problems of material science and nuclear fuel cycle technologies for all types of reactors. JSC VNIINM functions as the Central Head Organization of the Metrologic Service of ROSATOM.

JSC VNIINM took part in the development of the nuclear shield of the country, nuclear-propelled fleet, modern NPPs, spacecraft, spent nuclear fuel processing and many others.

Central Design and Technology Institute  (JSC CPTI, Moscow)

It is an integrated company, which consolidates design and engineering divisions of Fuel Company TVEL’s enterprises. The company’s objective is to form the entire system of prime cost management of products of enterprises of the Fuel Division of ROSATOM through recovery of the chain RI – DB – Project Institute – Plant - Sale.

JSC CPTI’s projects are aimed at reducing prime cost and increasing quality of productions, creation of the sole design and technologic knowledge base of Fuel Company TVEL, centralization and management of resources, and concentration of key competences.