RusAT Ltd. is a specialized integrator of additive technologies in the nuclear industry. The main business of the company includes manufacture of 3D printers, development of metallic powders for 3D printing, development of integrated software for additive systems, as well as rendering 3D printing services and introduction of additive technologies in productions.

LLC RENERA is a sectoral integrator in the field of energy storage systems. The activity profile of the company is the production of cathode materials for lithium-ion storage batteries and energy storage systems. The company’s activities include manufacture of lithium-ion storage batteries for communications systems, uninterruptible power sources, energy storage systems, electric transport, railways, spacecraft storage batteries and other areas.

RusWellGroup is an integrator of the industry solutions for the fuel and energy sector. The company activities are focused on elaboration and development of Russian advanced technologies, products and services demanded in the area of energy and natural resources, as well as localization of the production at the companies incorporated within State Corporation Rosatom.

Rusatom MetalTech LLC – divisional integrator of Metallurgy of Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL One of the key areas is Metallurgy, which has the goal of meeting the demand for products made of metals and special alloys on both Russian and international markets. Rusatom MetalTech LLC - the Industrial Metallurgy Center ( based on Chepetsk Mechanical Plant in Glazov), a modern full-cycle production facility, from hydrometallurgy to rolling mills, has been successfully developing and producing a wide range of products from refractory and light metals, as well as their alloys, including those in the form of rolled bars with high-precision geometry and advanced surface quality.