The enterprises employ unique technologies for production of chemical elements and compounds with application of gas centrifuge method of isotope separation, electrolysis, extraction, rectification, recrystallization, ion exchange and other modern chemical methods.
  • Over 40% in world production of stable isotopes;
  • Production of 107 isotopes of 21 chemical element;
  • уParticipation in more than 20 international research programs;
  • Catalysts:
    • comply with international standards «Euro-3", "Euro-4", "Euro-5" and "Euro-6» ; • installed in all vehicles produced in the territory of the Russian Federation including corporations "AvtoVAZ», Renault-Nissan, DATSUN, Sollers; • installed in exhaust system of vehicles AURUS developed within the project "Cortège" for transportation and accompanying of top national officials.
  • Gas centrifuge isotope separation methods.
  • Chemical purification methods: gas centrifuge, fractional distillation, crystallization.
  • Chemical synthesis methods, industrial electrolysis.
  • High competence in chemistry of fluorine and its compounds.
  • World leadership in separation and purification of stable isotopes.
  • Development and production of catalysts for various processes.
  • Design development and production of converters, automotive catalytic converters and collectors.
The chemical branch of Fuel company TVEL comprises:

JSC PA Electrochemical Plant (Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region), the world's largest manufacturer of stable isotopes. The enterprise employs the only Russian W-ECP facility for reprocessing of depleted uranium hexafluoride, which produces fluorine-containing products: hydrofluoric acid and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.

JSC Siberian Chemical Combine (Seversk, Tomsk region) This is one the largest manufacturers of chemical products in Russia; it produces experimental and commercial batches of materials for production of various autonomous energy sources: ionic lithium salts (lithium tetrafluoroborate), as well as electrolytes for lithium ion energy storage units.

PJSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (Novosibirsk). This is the only in Russia producer of metal lithium and its salts, including lithium enriched by isotope Li7; lithium production section of the enterprise is a large-scale production facility enabling highly efficient recycling of valuable lithium raw materials.
The key competitive advantage of PJSC NCCP lithium products is its chemical purity, as the useful properties of lithium appear more fully under conditions of its maximum purification from natural and artificial concomitant impurities.

JSC Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine (Angarsk, Irkutsk region) This is an enterprise that actively develops the production of modern chemical products, in particular, potassium bifluoride.

LLC Ecoalliance (Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region). The only Russian industrial enterprise for production of automobile and motor catalysts with full production cycle: from development of catalyst up to serial production of converters.