LLC RENERA IS A SECTORAL INTEGRATOR IN THE AREA OF ELECTRICITY ACCUMULATION SYSTEMS WITHIN THE CIRCUIT OF FUEL COMPANY TVEL SUBORDINATION THE COMPANY DEALS WITH LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES FOR ENERGY SECTOR, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTRIC TRANSPORT. The electricity storage units based on lithium-ion batteries is a promising area of business associated with a new generation of technologies in the sectors of energy, electrical engineering and transport.

Availability of own Research & Development Center provides an opportunity to develop along with the model systems (operating DC voltage system, UPS) integrated solutions tailor-made in accordance with individual customer requirements. The solutions of individual unit capacity up to 1 MW are in the process of development. The team supports the project from R&D to production, performs the maintenance.
The integrator offers the lithium-ion batteries (LIB) for uninterruptible power supply sources, operating DC voltage system, energy storage units and buffer batteries for various purposes. LIBs make smoother the load peaks, provide uninterrupted power supply, optimization of generator sets operation. Lithium-ion batteries are effective in hybrid systems, in isolated grid areas, in systems of price-dependent consumption.

Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are leak-tight, they do not require maintenance and special premises for charging. They are specified with such advantage as high energy density, unavailability of memory effect and long service life. The systems based on lithium-ion batteries are capable to significantly reduce the costs of equipment and improve its efficiency.

In addition to energy storage for new special equipment the company offers an integrated set of services for upgrading of existing electrical equipment, replacement of old batteries with new lithium-ion ones for:
  • forklifts, warehouse equipment,
  • mining machinery,
  • logistics robots,
  • airport equipment,
  • cleaning equipment.
To date, the integrator has successfully implemented dozens of projects to refurbishment of equipment to LIBs.
In contrast to lead-acid batteries LIBs are specified with longer service life, require no maintenance and "charging rooms", as the batteries are charges from ordinary household outlet, which frees up the areas and personnel. In addition, LIBs are not needed to be completely discharges, as these batteries can be recharged at any convenient time reducing the equipment downtime.
The integrator has developed the energy storage systems (ESS) for trolley buses with enlarged durations of the battery inter-charging intervals and electric buses.

There were developed solutions with both water and air cooling. Depending on the customer requirements there can be applied convection, liquid or combined system of the battery thermostatic control.