FUEL COMPANY TVEL INCORPORATES THE INDUSTRIAL CENTER OF METALLURGY COMPETENCES OF ROSATOM ON THE BASIS OF CHEPETSK MECHANICAL PLANT,    which profile specialization is the production of zirconium, titanium, niobium, tantalum, hafnium, calcium.

The Fuel Division of Rosatom is intensively developing new businesses of non-nuclear products. One of the key areas is the Metallurgy, which goal is to meet the demand for products made of metals and special alloys on both Russian and international markets.

Since 2012, the Industrial Metallurgy Center, a modern production facility of full cycle from hydrometallurgy to rolling mills, has been successfully developing and producing a wide range of products from refractory, light metals, their alloys, including those in the form of rolled bars with high-precision geometry and advanced surface quality.

The research potential, technological competences, qualified personnel of Fuel Company TVEL enables to perform the works on initiation of the serial production of new materials and advanced products, as well as promptly respond to the needs of leading industries and high-tech companies.


  • Unique production facilities with developed logistics infrastructure Certified Quality Management System
  • Compliance with standards of Russian and international accreditation bodies
  • Over 30 years of experience in national and foreign markets
  • More than 3200 highly qualified specialists
  • Aligned collaboration with leading research organizations
  • In-house R&D center on the basis of A. A. Bochvar All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Inorganic Materials
Chepetsk Mechanical Plant is a world leader and the only Russian manufacturer of zirconium, the plant performs the full production cycle from ore concentrate processing to fabrication of finished products made of zirconium alloys. Zirconium is widely applied in nuclear industry for production of claddings of nuclear fuel elements, as an alloying element in non-ferrous and special metallurgy, in production of thermal-resistant coatings in manufacturing of aviation and aerospace products, at power plants, in engineering ceramics, as well as in medicine.

Chepetsk Mechanical Plant is the only Russian producer of high purity metal calcium and its alloys. The enterprise has mastered in production of calcium injection wire, which is widely used in ferrous metallurgy for extra-furnace steel processing. The calcium injection wire (CIW) is produced under the brand «HighMet».
Modern titanium industry fabricates products in a wide variety of purposes: from ingot smelting to manufacture of finished products. The company fabricates the titanium mill products for Russian shipbuilding, aircraft construction, power engineering and other high-tech industries. The basis and pride of titanium business in Fuel company TVEL is the only Russia production of seamless titanium tubes of diameters from 3.0 mm to 273 mm. The production facilities allow to produce more than 500 tons per year of finished titanium products.

The only in the Russia industrial section of metal hafnium production was created at CMP in 2018.. Hafnium is indispensable in nuclear industry, in production of special refractory alloys for aerospace vehicles and powerful magnets, and it is also used as a dielectric in microelectronics.

Rusatom MetalTech LLC – divisional integrator of Metallurgy of Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL

  • Titanium products: A. A. Bochvar All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Inorganic Materials (VNIINM), Chepetsk Mechanical Plant (CMP)
  • Calcium injection wire and alloying elements: Chepetsk Mechanical Plant (CMP)
  • Refractory, rare and rare-earth metals: Chepetsk Mechanical Plant (CMP), Elemash Magnit
  • Promising products:
  • Rusatom MetalTech LLC - production of high-strength wires
    MK CMP - production of equipment for nuclear power plants
    CMP - production of zirconium dioxide based products
    NPCC - precision casting
    MSZ - production of precision pipes made of stainless steel
    RPA Centrotech - nickel powders and products based on these powders
Chepetsk Mechanical Plant is the only Russian industrial facility for production of low-temperature superconductors, which allowed to take part in a project for construction of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and deploy the production of niobium and its alloys of high purity. Development of design and methods for production of superconducting cables in promising areas of science and technology: medical imaging, magnetic systems of research fusion reactors and accelerators is performed in High-Tech Research Institute of Inorganic Materials named after Academician A.A. Bochvar, an institution incorporated within Fuel company TVEL.

Fuel Company TVEL is a producer of tantalum products in the form of ingots and precision rolled products. Tantalum is used in electrical engineering, microelectronics, instrument production, nuclear industry, metallurgy of heat-resistant and hard alloys, health care.
Chepetsk Mechanical Plant is the only in Russia producer of nanostructured conductors Cu-Nb specified with a unique combination of properties in terms of strength and electric conductivity. The conductors are used in production of inducers for magnetic-impulse facilities, high-pole impulse magnets of high-speed railway transport.


  • Electrolytic regeneration of metals in molten salts
  • Extraction of metals from solutions
  • Liberation of raw materials in acids, alkalis and melts
  • Pyrometallurgical metal reduction
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Granulating of melts
  • Iodide refining of metals
  • Electron beam and vacuum arc melting of refractory metals

Production capabilities:

  • Ingot melting
  • Hot extrusion
  • Hot forging
  • Radial forging
  • Hot and cold rolling
  • Drawing
  • Mechanical treatment
  • Chemical treatment
  • Non-destructive testing of finished products