FUEL COMPANY TVEL PROVIDES PROVIDES supplies of nuclear fuel components for all types of Western design reactors. TVEL offers to international customers a wide range of products for reactors of non-Russian design.
In particular, these are the products made of zirconium alloys (Zircaloy-2, Zirconium-2.5%Nb, Zircaloy-4, etc.) for reactors of PWR, BWR and PHWR types, as well as research reactors and nuclear power plants of small power. Zirconium components are produced at Chepetsk Mechanical Plant incorporated within the Fuel company (JSC CMP, Glazov, Republic of Udmurtia), which makes the top three of the world's largest producers of products from zirconium and its alloys.
TVEL offers to the partners the uranium dioxide powder and prepared fuel pellets for subsequent fabrication of fuel for power reactors. The uranium components of nuclear fuel are produced at two plants incorporated within Fuel Company TVEL, which rank among the largest in the world in terms of nuclear fuel fabrication: Machine-Building Plant (JSC MCZ, Elektrostal, Moscow region), and Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (JSC NCCP).
There is an opportunity to provide the research reactors of foreign design with both complete fuel supplies and supplies of individual fuel components, including ones of uranium compounds (concentrated uranium oxide U3O8, uranium dioxide UO2,uranium tetrafluoride UF4), metal uranium Umet., as well as uranium alloys (uranium silicide U3Si2, сuranium-molybdenum alloy UMo, uranium-aluminum alloy UAl).
Fuel company TVEL also possesses the competencies for production of targets for fabrication of molybdenum-99 and other medical isotopes.