Rosatom production system

ROSATOM PRODUCTION SYSTEM (RPS) is a culture of lean production and a system of continuous improvement of processes.

The purpose of Rosatom Production System (RPS) is to achieve the strategic objectives of Rosatom, and the focal points of the industry-wide RPS-projects are the efficiency enhancement, cost reduction and quality improvement. During the years of the RPS development, over 600 thousand suggestions for improvements (SFP) have been filed and implemented at the companies incorporated within the Fuel Company. Of these number, more than 90 thousand suggestions were filed in 2020, more than 82 thousand have been implemented, and the average economic effect from a SFP per 1 employee amounted to 16.8 thousand rubles.

Over 2.8 billion rubles is the economic effect of SFP implementation for the past 10 years. 4 thousand RPS projects with economic effect of over 8.7 billion rubles have been successfully implemented.