Research and Development

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT is the guarantee of competitiveness of FC TVEL’s products in the world market and implementation of innovative solutions is the possibility to be at the cutting edge of the technological development of both nuclear fuel and new products.
FC TVEL takes part in more than
international projects in the field of fundamental scientific research.
Fuel Company TVEL’s research and development embraces a wide range of areas: from improving designs and materials of nuclear fuel, implementation of the closed nuclear fuel cycle concept to solving a number of applied scientific problems.
The technological leadership is one the main conditions of successful operation in the world market. Fuel Company TVEL continuously improves engineering and economic parameters of nuclear fuel through increasing burnup and uranium consumption, and increasing lifetime and reliability.
The cooperation of research institutes, design bureaus and production enterprises allows engineering complex technological solutions. THEY INCLUDE THE DESIGN OF FA FOR WESTERN PWRs REACTORS, WHICH WAS NAMED TVS-KVADRAT.It has taken account of the best engineering solutions and research and developments already tested in fuel for Russian VVER reactors.

Current technological solutions allow TVEL to produce fuel with improved characteristics for new types of Russian design reactors.

New types of fuels are being designed, which will facilitate solving global tasks of nuclear power: safety ensuring and increasing availability of resources. They include tolerant fuel that is the fuel of new generation of safety and increased robustness in loss-of-coolant accidents.

The task of expansion of new high-technology businesses also requires continuous implementation of technological innovations. Therefore, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IS CARRIED OUT IN ALL AREAS OF THE COMPANY’S ACTIVITIES.

Fuel Company TVEL is engaged not only in applied scientific research in the field of improvement and development of promising types of nuclear fuel but also actively participates in large international projects.