The key document regulating the activities of FC TVEL in the area of environmental protection and environmental safety is "Environmental safety policy of JSC TVEL”, which stipulates the principles of the Company activities in the environment protection area. "Environmental safety policy of JSC TVEL” has been developed in accordance with principles of “National policy in the field of environmental development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030" and "United industry environmental policy of State Rosatom and its subsidiaries." In the framework of consistent compliance with the environmental policies at the enterprises of the Fuel Company for over 10 years have been detected no accidents and incidents that can be classified in category 0 and above by INES scale, there are no emergency situations and incidents related to the negative impact on the environment.

The activities aimed at elimination of the “nuclear heritage” including the rehabilitation of contaminated territories are performed within the framework of strategic initiative of Fuel Company TVEL "Environmental responsibility" adopted in 2012. A number of projects have been implemented within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Nuclear and Radiation Safety for 2008 and for the period up to 2015". Currently, the implementation of the Federal Program "Nuclear and radiation safety in 2016-2020 and for the period up to 2030” is in progress. (http://фцп-ярб2030.рф)