Social area and occupational safety

FUEL COMPANY TVEL DEVELOPES NOT ONLY THE PRODUCTION AREA, but also the social sphere of towns of presence.
THE COMPANY BUSINESS ACTIVITIES TAKES INTO ACCOUNT THAT THE ACHIEVEMENT OF THE strategic goals is impossible in absence of social cohesion in the regions of presence, unavailability of social and environmental acceptability.
To promote the balanced socio-economic development of the regions of presence, JSC TVEL implements a program on regional works and social projects aimed at creation of comfortable environment for living, education, health care, which includes three groups of projects:

  • • establishment and preservation of social cohesion environment in the territories of presence of Fuel company TVEL;
  • • interfaces with municipal and regional authorities regarding the issues of territorial development, growth of regional taxes and maintaining of social and economic stability;
  • • enhancement of effectiveness of social programs and development of social partnership
According to the agreements signed in 2012 on cooperation between State Corporation Rosatom and authorities of the regions, where the enterprises of the Fuel Company are located, the parties decided to invest the additional regional taxes received from activities performed by enterprises of State Corporation Rosatom on the territory of the Russian Federation to municipal budgets of nuclear towns.
Such agreements have been signed with the authorities of Sverdlovsk and Tomsk regions, Krasnoyarsk territory and Republic of Udmurtia.