The so-called atomic classes, special profile classes with high level physical and mathematical training of the pupils, are open in the best schools in a number of the Fuel company presence towns (Angarsk, Glazov, Zlenogorsk, Kovrov, Novouralsk, Seversk, Electrostal). A peculiarity of training is such a class is in-depth study of nuclear physics and nuclear technologies. To support the arrangement of the training process on the state-of-art level Fuel company TVEL provides the assistants in purchase of modern laboratory equipment.
The physical and mathematical lyceums have been founded in the purpose of training of the future high-qualified specialists for nuclear industry with assistance of Fuel company TVEL.

The project is implemented in four towns: Seversk, Zelenogorsk, Novouralsk and Glazov under conditions of co-financing with local authorities and public authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

According to the agreement between the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI and schools incorporated within Association of physical-mathematical lyceums of Fuel Company TVEL there was organized the distance learning students: MEPHI made available the access to distance education courses and e-Library to students and teachers of physical and mathematical schools. In addition, the school teachers attend refresher courses in the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPHI).
In the process of implementation of the project “Support to physical and mathematical schools by Fuel Company TVEL” was initiated a project for creation of a multivariate education environment "School Technopark", which is implemented in Glazov, Zelenogorsk, Novouralsk and Seversk. The laboratories for robotics and computer modelling are result of the project that emerged in the schools in the course of the project implementation.