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The Fuel Company Activities

The Fuel Company Activities include production of fuel assemblies and components for them, as well as services for development, licensing, and scientific and technical support of fuel operation (including the provision of guarantees on nuclear reactors cores operation).

One of the priorities of the Fuel Company is also nuclear, radiation, environmental and industrial safety observance.

TK “TVEL” combines production and research assets in the field of nuclear fuel fabrication, separation-sublimation complex, as well as the manufacture of gas centrifuges and equipment for them. In addition to the main product – a nuclear fuel, we supply the Russian and world markets with non-nuclear products: zirconium, lithium, calcium, magnets, thin-walled tubes, polishing powders, wire addition system, zeolite catalysts and other materials. The main product sales areas are CIS countries (Ukraine, Armenia), Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland), as well as Western Europe and Asian countries. Nuclear plants in China and India operate on TVEL nuclear fuel as well. In addition, our company produces fuel for nuclear power plants in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in cooperation with a foreign partner.

OJSC “TVEL” fully meets the needs of total of 76 power reactors in Russia and 15 other countries in Europe and Asia (17% global market share), 30 research reactors worldwide.