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Centrotech Research and Manufacturing Enterprise completes testing of a new model of current source

30.12.2017, 15:08

A trial model of TOTE EHG-1500 current source has successfully passed verification tests at a gas distribution station of Gazprom Transgaz Yeketerinburg in the Ural region of Russia.

The new device has been developed by Centrotech Research and Manufacturing Enterprise (RME Centrotech), a machine-building facility of TVEL Fuel Company.
Current sources based on solid oxide fuel cells are designed for power supply of gas pipelines infrastructure and off-grid sites. In case of stable fuel supply such current sources may be also used for powering distant cellular communication stations.
The distinction of technology developed by RME Centrotech is conversion of natural gas chemical energy into electric power by methane oxidation and air oxygen recovering. Besides, Current sources on solid oxide fuel cells are quite universal in terms of pregasified fuel. They also have high efficiency factor and require technical inspection only once a year.