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TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom adopts digitization strategy

23.07.2018, 10:42

Management Board of TVEL JSC approved the IT strategy for internal digitization with the outlook till 2023. The introduction and development of information technologies will be implemented in all key areas of the nuclear fuel division of Rosatom, including both management and manufacturing issues.
In total, the strategy provides for the implementation of more than 130 projects in the following key areas:
•Digital manufacturing
•Engineering data
•Operational production management
•Maintenance and repair of equipment
•Corporate management efficiency improvement
•Safety of production works
•Cyber security and IT infrastructure
The main focus of the strategy is digital manufacturing. The wide introduction of IT will enable the enterprises of TVEL Fuel Company to switch to the new ways  of organizing the industrial operations. With the help of simulation, it will be possible to create digital models of the current or future production sites, which will make it possible to choose the optimal layout and composition of equipment, as well as build ideal production flows.
Another key task is to integrate the companies of the Fuel Company, representing various stages of production chain, into the Integrated Digital Platform for Product Lifecycle Management, create a digital ecosystem of interaction between developers and partners. The engineering data management system will enable to switch to work with a “digital twin” of the product throughout its life cycle and use common data about products by all participants from developers to support specialists.
Some other important tasks are the introduction of production management systems and automation of maintenance and repair of production equipment, which will ensure systematic growth of labour productivity and reduction of costs per unit.
The projects for the development of the IT infrastructure of the Fuel Company are aimed, in particular, at creating a hyperconvergent environment in data centres, supporting the introduction of Big Data technologies, creating an infrastructure for virtual workstations.
“TVEL Fuel Company has recently implemented a number of projects to digitize corporate functions, now the key task is to optimize production processes in terms of speed, reliability and cost price. According to our calculations, digitalization projects in the outlook till 2030 will make it possible to obtain a significant economic effect in each of the key areas. The next step should be the commercialization and launch of new IT solutions developed for the nuclear fuel division of Rosatom and successfully tested at our enterprises,” said Evgeny Garanin, Director of Information Technologies Department at TVEL JSC.

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TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom includes enterprises for the fabrication of nuclear fuel, conversion and enrichment of uranium, the production of gas centrifuges, as well as research and design organizations. It is the only supplier of nuclear fuel for Russian nuclear power plants. TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom provides nuclear fuel for 72 power reactors in 14 countries, research reactors in eight countries, as well as transport reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet. Every sixth power reactor in the world operates on fuel manufactured by TVEL.