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Foreigh sales

The TVEL Fuel Company’s share at the world market amounts up to 17 %. The products are supplied to 13 countries. TVEL-labeled nuclear fuel runs 46 foreign commercial reactors as well as research reactors of many countries.

The Fuel Company supplies to traditional foreign markets, which operate the Russian (Soviet) design NPPs and to the Western Europe countries. Presently, JSC TVEL supplies and renders scientific and engineered support to nuclear fuel operation at NPPs of Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Finland and Armenia. High-end technological products of the Fuel Company are in demand in such countries as Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. The Russian nuclear fuel runs research reactors in Hungary, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Vietnam and Libya.

The Fuel Company is continuously expanding sales markets, in particular, through the contracts for fuel supplies to Asia. In 2004 fuel supplies were commenced for CEFR reactor and Tianwan NPP (China).

Expanded geography is a result of nuclear fuel supplies secured for newly commissioned power units. Two new power units - Khmelnitski-2 and Rovno-4 – were commissioned in 2004 in Ukraine and use the Russian fuel. Once new power units are constructed and commissioned in India (Koodankulam NPP) and Iran (Busherh NPP) it is planned to supply nuclear fuel as well.